Before jumping to the DIET PLAN TO LOSE 20 POUNDS IN 2 WEEKS, a brief discussion regarding the psychology of weight loss is important.

Psychology Of Weight Loss

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To most people, losing a significant amount of weight is a myth and being in their desired shape of the body seems something highly unlikely that can never happen to them. In most cases, this psyche alone is responsible for a person’s failure to gain control over his/her body. If you really want to lose weight, you first need to understand your own body and mind because weight loss is not only a physical but a huge mental challenge.The first step is to
firmly believe in yourself that you’re in charge of your body, you can control how you look, you are the boss and most importantly IT IS NOT SOMETHING IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE.

Obesity has become a major issue in affluent societies all over the world. Fast food restaurants, day and age of social media and a sedentary lifestyle has led to an alarming no of cases that are presenting with metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis. They have long-term consequences in the shape of hypertension, type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease. Childhood obesity cases are also on the rise.  Most of these conditions can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle of lesser consumption or at least having healthier alternatives of consumption regarding our diet. The purpose of this article is to kick-start a weight loss regimen that you have been delaying since long. The idea is to attain and maintain the desired level. Best of Luck. Let’s get down to business !!




Following are a few easiest and medically the healthiest ways to lose weight, there is only one rule,”FOLLOW the steps” as they are given below and you shall LOSE 20 POUNDS IN 2 WEEKS.



Have 2 glasses of water and then a cup of black coffee (you can use a sweetener of your choice instead of regular sugar)along with two boiled eggs and a slice of bran bread (heated in a pan without oil).

Make a plate of mixed vegetables both boiled and fresh (you can add salt, vinegar and spices to it for the taste but no oil) before eating this, have a glass of water.


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Barbeque a piece of chicken or fish for yourself with your favorite spices but no oil. Drink a glass of water before it.


*THE ITEMS THAT YOU CAN EAT as snacks or as alternatives for the above-mentioned menu given in breakfast, lunch and dinner;

a. One apple/day
b. One pear/day
c. One peach/day
d. A slice of watermelon/day
e. A sandwich made with bran bread containing boiled or barbeque fish/chicken/veggies
f. One whole boiled and salted corn or a cup of popcorns (you can take salted but not sweetened or flavored with caramel and stuff)
g. A small cup of boiled chickpeas/black gram/black-eyed pea (lobia) or any other pulses of your choice.
h. Chopped lettuce with an onion, a cucumber and a tomato with a lemon and/or sprinkled salt.
I. A cup of Green tea
j. a handful of dry fruits like almonds etc.


a. One shami or chapli kabab made in as little olive oil as possible with a slice of bran bread
b. An egg omelette, made with a very little amount of olive oil(you can add spices and veggies of your choice to it)
c. A banana/a small bunch of grapes/a guava
d. A small cup of boiled rice(flavored with spices of your choice but no oil)
e. A small bowl of natural yogurt, you can add any of the above mentioned low caloric fruits into it.

*THE THINGS THAT YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY AVOID, especially on regular basis;

a. Fast food like pizzas, burgers, fries etc.
b. Foods containing high amounts of cheese, oil and sugar like cakes, lasagna, sweets, cookies etc.
c. Cold drinks, canned fruits (because they are mainly preserved in sugar syrups), ice creams, candies, chocolates, chips etc.


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The key to weight loss is less caloric intake with higher caloric output that is using calories through different exercises. Exercise also helps you shape up your body because with a particular exercise you can reduce undesirable fats from any part of your body. In general, I would suggest performing any activity that makes you sweaty for at least half an hour daily, it could be BRISK WALKING, JOGGING, RUNNING, CLIMBING STAIRS or anything that’s doable for you. You can also alternate between these depending on your circumstances and of course your mood but don’t skip it and try to prolong the period of exercise with time.There are many good indoor exercises if you are not that outgoing or due to some other reason you cannot perform the above-mentioned activities like yoga, rope jumping, dancing, lunges, jumping jacks, high knees, squats etc. You can take help from different exercise CDs that are easily available in the market or even more conveniently from youtube channels of different exercise experts.

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DIET PLAN TO LOSE 20 POUNDS IN 2 WEEKS will only work if you stay motivated and believe in your ability.  It’s very important to keep yourself motivated regarding weight loss throughout your journey. Set goals for yourself like fitting into old jeans after a month or two depending on your weight, losing a particular amount of weight like 8 KGs until the new year or your friend’s wedding or whatever special event is coming up next. It really helps and once you reach your first goal, you work harder and with much more passion towards the next one and then the next and so on and forth. Just keep going, be consistent in following both your dietary plan and exercises and you’d be proud of yourself real soon.